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Prosumerism : The Professional Consumer


Prosumerism is a concept conceived by Casey Combden 25 years ago based on the buying power of a household. Some of the best products out there in the market today are available today are sold through a network marketing distribution model, as opposed to the retail model. Now every household has a certain amount of money going through it every month. The Prosumerism model promotes the idea that every person should be part of as many network marketing companies that meet the demands and needs of life. Not only are they purchasing some of the best, quality products available in the market, they are also leveraging the buying power of their household with an opportunity to make an income and enjoy tax benefits through a home-based business.

The most intelligent consumer, turns into a prosumer, and drives all of their buying power through a home-based business, rather than giving his/her money to a retail store, with after-tax dollars. This is the picture of someone who is gone from being a “conned”-sumer (someone being “conned” by consuming) to a pro-sumer. A consumer goes to work, makes a salary, pays their taxes, and then goes to a retail store to buy their household needs, they pay retail prices, and then pay taxes again for that product.

When you consume goods and services, you want to buy from a company that you are being paid to buy from, with pre-tax dollars. Afterall, the government encourages people to be in business for themselves. Small business stimulate our economy. As a result, the government allows you to write-off the appropriate tax-deductible expenses that are necessary to run your home-based business. This is what Prosumerism is all about–being a Professional Consumer that consumes products from your own home-based business and you get paid to invest in your own inventory. You enjoy tax advantages, discounts, bonuses, and get service-to-your-door.

As a result, when you are out there talking about your business, don’t get caught up on promoting or being loyal to one company. What Casey did for 25 years was promote this concept of Prosumerism–the Professional and Intelligent Consumer. As soon as you get “hooked” onto promoting only one company, you immediately limit yourself to the same message that everyone else has about your company. Instead, promote people to join you, in your prosumer network where you organize the buying power of people into a profitable business. You aren’t asking people to join your company, but to join your prosumer network. That’s an intelligent, and professional consumer at its best. That is where NLN believes the future of free enterprise is.