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About Casey


NLN Founder, Casey James Combden

Casey has been involved in the network marketing industry for over 25+ years. He has broken all the records for speed, growth, and business success. To date, he has made over $30,000,000 in the network marketing industry.

Casey was born in Toronto, at the age of 16 he got involved in the disc-jockeying industry as a DJ. He continued on to pursue Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University. After about 10 years of being in the DJ business, at the age of 25, he burned out and decided to leave the industry. This was when a friend introduced him to network marketing where he met his first mentor, Dr. George.

The first 90 days in the industry he didn’t have very much success at all. In fact, he had little to no success. After mentoring with Dr. George, Casey decided to follow a system rather than rely on his personality alone. He dedicated himself to follow the Pattern For Success to the letter for another 90 days, and in less than 90 days he was making over $3,000 a month.

In the first full year of following a proven system for success, he made $50,000. In the succeeding years, he went on to make $100,000, $250,000, $560,000, and by the time he was 29, he made over $100,000 a month and became a millionaire at 29. At his peak he was making over $500,000 a month of income, creating a tremendous story of success and growth.

At age 31, he spoke at the largest business meeting held in the history of the world at the Atlanta Superdome for over 82,000 people. He’s spoken at the Hoosier Dome for 60,000 people and at the New Orleans Saints Dome with Robert Kiyosaki for 50,000 people. Casey has authored 5 books, and he has taught and trained over 250,000 people in 22 countries around the world on how to be successful in  the Networking industry.

He has helped hundreds of people make in excess of a million dollars of earning during their entire career, and thousands of families make excellent part-time income. People appreciate the fact that they had a system to follow where they could predict the amount of income they were making and the amount of success they were going to have.

Casey’s mission with Next Level Networker is to train, coach and mentor one million Independent Business Owners to achieve duplicable, sustainable success and most importantly, financial and personal freedom.