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It is our intention to teach one million people how to become professional network marketers.

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Next Level Networker trains, coaches and mentors Independent Business Owners on how to be a professional in the networking industry and to achieve financial and personal freedom.

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Discover a master training system that you can take to any network marketing company and produce phenomenal success.

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The Art & Science of Networking

Networking is an Art and a Science: the Art of learning to connect with and understand people and the Science of following a business strategy with a proven Pattern For Success. The Next Level Networker training program is a complete turnkey training system that expands your knowledge and understanding gradually to ensure you achieve duplicable, sustainable success as an Independent Business Owner. We train you to train people to do what you do, which is the KEY to your Financial Freedom. The intention of Next level Networker Training System is to ensure that you achieve FREEDOM both financially and personally.


Welcome to Next Level Networker

The Next Level Networker training program is a complete turnkey training system that expands your knowledge and understanding gradually to ensure you achieve duplicable, sustainable success as an Independent Business Owner.

The System is the Secret

Pattern for Success is a system, a set of 8 steps of processes and procedures to produce success in the network marketing industry. The Success Principles that you’ll learn in the Pattern For Success will transverse, not only in networking industry, but into everything you do. You will see an increase in the quality of your life at home, in your business life, in your relationships and in every area of your life. You just need to follow the system that is the Pattern For Success. That’s it. So take that first step and we can begin this journey step-by-step together!


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Casey is a prime example of a true leader in the networking profession. The depth of his knowledge and understanding of the industry and what’s required to build a successful networking business is unparalleled. NLN will teach you the duplicatable skills and tools needed to ensure your organization thrives. It’s a must for anyone serious about success.

GordanaJakopcevic-400x400– Gordana Jakopcevic,
Mississauga, Ontario

I’ve been working with Casey for 3 months now and I must say the quality of the information and structure in how it’s delivered is absolutely incredible, I feel so bad I’m paying so little. The Next Level Networker has given me the tools to duplicate my business so easy and quick. It’s helped me grow personally in all areas work habits, ethics, principally and most importantly integrity. It’s shown me how to take my own personal emotions out of the industry and simply follow a proven pattern for success with no doubts of which direction to go and when. What a great programme thank you Casey for opening my eyes.

PeterMilner-400x400 – Peter Milner,
Bonn, Germany

Casey we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for the Pattern for Success and Next Level Networker. We have been an entrepreneurs for most of our lives, running one of the largest fitness event and promotions organization in the world, and what we didn’t even know, was that there was a system to follow that with specificity can short cut the process to success. Since incorporating the system into our daily routine we have found that we have taken our conversion rate to over 75%, and it has compressed the time to achieve success as well! We have been utilizing the Pattern for Success in all areas of our business life from networking to fitness to client and sponsorship acquisitions, we have even have found huge benefits in our personal lives as it taught us that in order to achieve what we want we need to become something different and this system provides the tools, the roadmap and pathway to get there. In fact we are using this system as a foundation to the entire bodyproud social initiative and to fuel the SuperHero Program.

Jeff&Mindy-400x400– Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien,
Toronto, Ontario


In the short period of time that I have been with NLN I have seen my personal and my professional life change for the better. I now have much more clarity of focus as to how I wish to design the life that my family and I deserve to live. The turn-key sustainable and duplicatable system frees the mind from having to teach the mechanics of the business and allows to focus more on building strong lasting relationships. I’m forever grateful to have been introduced to NLN, the impact and the confidence that’s built inside of me have gone beyond my expectations. Thank you Casey for your commitment to making the industry a better place for everyone!

ChristinePerron-400x400– Christine Perron,
Montreal, Quebec

Casey has been the most impactful mentor that I have had the pleasure to work with. The wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table is second to none! His systems and processes are world class and it has greatly helped me achieve more success both personally and professionally.

JeremyWong-400x400– Jeremy Wong,
Vancouver, Canada

In working with the Next Level Networker program, Casey has given me a definite direction in terms of how to be successful in this business. Through the Pattern for Success training system he has taught me, I feel a sense of calm and clarity which has allowed my team and I to push forward with confidence & efficiency in our businesses.

DanielTurner-400x400– Daniel Turner,
New York, USA

Unparalleled – Is the way I would describe Casey as both a personal mindset mentor and a business partner/coach. Rarely will you find a person who can distill the essence of where you need to go to advance yourself as a person and then be able to translate that direction into how your business can benefit from utilizing his systematic approach to growth and success. Casey has done that for us over a relationship that has lasted over a decade.

Peter-Thomas-400x400– Peter Thomas,
New Haven, Conneticut


It is a very rare talent to be able to help people to articulate and believe in their dreams, and ever rarer to be able to provide a clear & proven process for them to achieve these dreams! Working with Casey is life changing. Thank you for being the best mentor, coach & trainer and for truly living by your values.

CatherineEdwards-400x400– Catherine Edwards,
Surrey, United Kingdom



I’m a full time Firefighter of 25 years and a part time Holistic Health Practitioner for the last 18 years. However, for the past 24 months I’ve been a struggling IBO in the network marketing industry. Three months ago I was lucky enough to connect with Casey James Combden. Casey introduced me to the amazing idea of what he called “Prosumerism” through his Next Level Network company. Since I’ve been studying with Casey as my mentor, he’s totally changed my life both professionally and personally. He’s been teaching me the simplicity of how network marketing can be done ethically and successfully by following a simple and duplicaable 8 step Pattern For Success. I have also self developed more in the last 3 months than in the other 50 years of my life to date. If you want guaranteed results as an entrepreneur, I could not recommend Casey and his Next Level Networker program more. Without it, I would still be in no mans land searching for answers. Thank you so much Casey, you’re living proof that the Universe is always conspiring in our favour even when it seems it’s not.

AndyMills-400x400– Andy Mills,
Kilbride, Scotland

The things I’ve learned from Casey are more valuable than I ever anticipated. The personal and professional development has brought me further than I (and many of my peers) would have believed. Throughout my career running a recording studio and leading a staff of over 250 people, the amount of leadership skills I’ve gotten through Casey’s mentoring has strengthened my emotional quotient and awareness of self every day. I always look forward to any amount of wisdom I can glean when Casey is teaching. Thank you Casey!

John Fernandes-400x400– John M Fernandes,
Conneticut, USA

If you’re willing to Be, Do and Have, Casey has the potential, skills and tools to help you transform to your best version of yourself ever. We’ve met in one of the most challenging period of my life. Under his mentorship, teaching and training, my life has quickly taken a totally different direction. I feel empowered and I’m now living my dreams one after the other! MERCI for Being who you are!

SylvieLampron-400x400– Sylvie Lampron,
Montreal, Canada

I’d like to take a minute to say thank you. Since I started following the 8 ​Step ​Pattern for ​Success ​6​ weeks ago,​ my life ha​s changed in ways I could never imagine​d​.​ I​n my personal life I’m calmer, ​ a ​nicer​
person to be around​, I have a clearer mind and I’m all around happier about life. I make ​better life decisions and choices. As for my business​, I feel empowered, it has given my business direction ​and ​purpose. It’s has opened my eye and my mind to a world​ of endless possibilities. I now have a clear view in my mind’s eye​ of where I’m going. I’m excited to share​ the system and your teachings with the world.Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this industry​!​

Chad Zwaryczuk-400x400– Chad Zwaryczuk.,
Grand Prairie, Canada

I started working with Casey James Combden 6 months ago because I wanted to know how to make my network marketing business as successful as it could be. At the time I had a full time job and I was working with my own business part time. Casey’s training gave me the tools and self-development to be successful. It has changed my life and I am so happy to be working in my own businesses full time! Thank-you Casey!

CorinneMills-400x400– Corinne Mills,
East Kilbride, Scotland

Casey is truly unique in the world as the only person to have succeeded as one of the top income earners in the Network Marketing Industry and to also be certified in 7 forms of Human Behavior, enabling him to guide and mentor people to maximize their human potential and achieve massive success in any area of their life! As the founder of NLN, anyone that follows his duplicatable system can truly build an empire and have the opportunity to mentor with someone who can guide you to excellence in all areas of your life. I have been blessed to have known Casey for many years and to be fortunate enough to have worked with him personally over the past 2 years and he is responsible for teaching me the importance of personal development as the key to success in my life and in my business. I have been able to achieve the level of Diamond in my MLM business because of his counseling, mentorship and system, and look forward to impacting the lives of thousands of others! I will be forever grateful to you! Thank you Casey for all that you do to improve the lives of others!

CorinneMills-400x400– Lynne Thomas,
Madison, Connecticut